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Knife Skills 101
Chef Shaya Klechevsky Learn to julienne, brunoise, chiffonade, and more. Chef Shaya will break down everything you need to know in detail from the anatomy of a knife, knife selection, how to hold a knife, sharpening, cutting, dicing, and slicing techniques that will boost your kitchen confidence and lead to even more delight in cooking. (more)REGISTER
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Wed, Feb 11
6:30pm18 - 0once
Beginners Culinary Boot Camp: Basic Training for Novice Cooks
Chef John Scoff Tired of takeout? Do you want to eat healthier by eating in more and dining out less? But, you can barely boil water? Then join executive chef John Scoff as he expertly guides you through basic cooking techniques alongside other beginners. You will discover the joy of cooking as you build your culinary skills in this fun, yum and nurturing environment. Week 1: Understanding Kitchen Equipment & Basic Knife Skills Week 2: Classic Soups & Stocks Week 3: Beef & Poultry Cookery and Their Sauces Week 4: Fish Tech and Side Dishes Week 5: Baking Techniques (more)REGISTER
adults > culinary arts > all classes
Tue, Feb 24 - Mar 24
6:30pm18 - 0weekly
More Healthy Cooking Techniques
Chef Kim Pistone Explore easy-to-follow recipes and valuable tips for stocking a healthy kitchen. You'll learn how to create wholesome, delicious dishes using nourishing oils, grains, flours, fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins. Learn to make healthy choices and create meals that you, your family, and friends will love. Featuring recipes from The Community Table. (more)REGISTER
adults > culinary arts > all classes
Wed, Apr 29 - May 13
10am18 - 0weekly
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