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Camera-less Photography Without a Darkroom: The Chemigram
A unique and rare alternative photo process, chemigrams quickly and easily yield results that are as singular as they are spectacular even for the beginner. More related in method and approach to painting and printmaking than to photography, chemigrams use no camera or darkroom. We'll be working in ambient light with darkroom chemicals on black and white photo paper to create subtly colored prints, using a variety of resists, from simple household ingredients like honey and glue, to specialized formulas. We'll also explore hand-coloring methods. No prior photo, printmaking or painting experience is required. (more)REGISTER
arts + ideas > art studios > painting, drawing, & printmaking
Sun, Dec 21 - Jan 25
5pm weekly
Introduction to Your Digital Point + Shoot Camera
Karen Haberberg Learn the features and functions of your camera, ISO, shooting modes, resolution, white balance, file formats, flash modes, aperture, and shutter speeds. Download, organize, enhance, and e-mail your photographs. Bring your camera and software to the first class. (more)REGISTER
arts + ideas > photography & digital media > adult classes
Wed, Feb 25 - Mar 11
9:30am18 - 0weekly
All About Your Digital SLR
Karen Haberberg If you're overwhelmed by the numerous functions of your digital SLR camera, let us help you take control. Learn how to get a proper exposure, shoot different file formats, and understand color adjustment, flash compensation, lens choices, and more. Understanding your equipment will help you become a better photographer. Bring your digital SLR camera, manual, and connecting cords to class. (more)REGISTER
arts + ideas > photography & digital media > adult classes
Tue, Mar 17 - Mar 31
6:30pm18 - 0weekly
Adobe Lightroom
Karen Haberberg Using Adobe Lightroom, develop effective workflows for sorting and editing images, refining image adjustment skills, and perfecting printing. Adjust RAW files and jpegs simultaneously and efficiently. Learn to organize your images, add keywords for searching, make folders, retouch and adjust white balance and sharpening. Knowledge of camera use required. Students are responsible for their own printing; printing resources will be discussed. (more)REGISTER
arts + ideas > photography & digital media > adult classes
Tue, Apr 14 - Apr 28
6:30pm18 - 0weekly
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