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The Doctor Is In Series
Jennifer A. Langsdorf, MD–Assistant Attending Neurologist, NewYork–Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center Millions of people suffer from numbness and pain in their extremities. Learn about the causes and complexities of these common nerve ailments, including carpal tunnel syndrome and pinched nerves. Dr. Langsdorf will discuss the importance of making the proper diagnosis of these conditions, the latest in treatment options, and tips for modifying behaviors that can help to alleviate symptoms. Don't miss this opportunity to improve your quality of life! (more)REGISTER
health + wellness > free for everybody > the doctor is in series
Tue, Nov 18
7pm18 - 0once
The Doctor Is In Series
James M. Noble, MD, MS–Attending Neurologist, NewYork–Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center Ninety years since the Bambino knocked himself out chasing a fly ball and crashing into the right-field cement wall, the methods used to predict, diagnose, and manage concussion remain nearly unchanged. Why? How can we fix these problems? In this presentation, a leading physician expert in the field tackles challenging research questions in search of a path towards identifying the near–term and long–term risks of sports–related concussion. (more)REGISTER
health + wellness > free for everybody > the doctor is in series
Tue, Dec 2
7pm once
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