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"I love the class so much that I took it a second time. The teachers are really nice. I love to be in the darkroom, it's so relaxing."

Abraham, a student at the JCC

"My son has always loved photography. Last summer in art camp he became fascinated by the process. This child who has refused every single after school opportunity offered him for four years insisted I sign him up for photography.

Some of the virtues to be found in the children's photography program are: a way to tell and illustrate stories, learning how to make prints, conquering fears (esp. of the dark) developing social skills, learning about art and culture in a participatory way. All of these contribute to a child's confidence. My son, who is learning disabled, is having a hard time in school. After school photography allows him to feel competent and be a successful member of a group. Laura and Erica have raised his expectations of himself. I cannot say enough good things about the program, the facility is handsome, the staff is intelligent, gracious and very generous. They have encouraged and challenged him. The photography program and staff at the JCC have given my son a meaningful way to express himself. It has also given him not only a way to think artistically but a way to think about himself and the larger world. The camera gives him a reason and the program gives him knowledge and pleasure. My enthusiasm, gratitude and admiration are boundless."

Amy, a mother whose son took photography, 8-10

"The snapshot photography class was very inviting and comfortable. I was surprised to be so engaged within 5 weeks. I looked forward to class and learned a ton! It was challenging in a good way and I can't wait to put what I've learned into practice."

Wendy, a student at the JCC

"It's a privilege to take Photo 2 with Adam, he's so skilled and knowledgeable, plus unbelievably patient."

Amy, a student at the JCC

"Karen is a excellent facilitator, balancing instruction and creating an open environment for expression and learning."

Mark, a student at the JCC (monthly critique)

The class (After School Photography 8-10) was fun, interesting and exciting.

Julie, a student at the JCC

"I had a great experience in the darkroom, the monitors are fantastic. The darkroom has made me realize that printing my own photos is truly art. To have creative control is important to me, and the darkroom experience allows for that."

Jodi, a student at the JCC

What I love about darkroom printing is the moment that my image begins to emerge in the developer. When I look at my photograph in the light and it is exactly the way I wanted it, a perfect blend of shadows and highlights, I feel immense gratification and personal satisfaction. I have found that no one can print my photographs exactly the way that I envision them to be - art is subjective and the ability to control the aesthetics in my photographs is a true gift.

As a professional photographer and instructor I try and stay up you date with my equipment and technology. As digital cameras become more and more popular, I have been forced to assess whether I should switch from film and darkroom printing to digital photography and printing. I have found that while digital cameras are instantly gratifying because you can see the image immediately, you really need top of the line digital equipment and printing to produce results from digital image-making that are at all comparable to those you can get in the darkroom.

So, my advice' Even if you've joined the digital revolution, don't miss the experience of film and darkroom printing. There's nothing like it for getting the images you want and it's so much fun!

Karen Haberberg, Director of Photography and Digital Media, JCC in Manhattan

"The instructor was very knowledgeable about black and white printing and very helpful in acheiving the best exposure."

Introduction to Black &White printing with Jennifer Brommer

"The general spirit of the class was very positive. There was a great amount of valuable information!!"

Photography Celebrations with Jeremy Saludyga

"There were awesome instructors who were very helpful. The general feeling of the class was cheerful."

Teen Photography Institute with Saul Robbins

"The course broke down Photoshop into useful techniques and tricks to easily translate my vision. The instructor made the complexities of Photoshop easy to use and understand. It is great to finally be able to put what I've learned into practice."

Judy, a student at the JCC

"The instructor and TA for Intro to Digital Photography were awesome! I learned so much. Also, they are very patient and knowledgeable. The general spirit of the class was very enthusiastic and motivating. It was a very artistic group of students."

T, a student at the JCC

"The instructor is very knowledgeable and was able to articulate very complicated issues clearly. The class was very intimate, almost like a private lesson; informal, yet dense with information."

Sonia, a student at the JCC

"The course was very well done. The class was very upbeat and everyone worked together." (Introduction to your Digital Camera with Sherry Cherwin)

Bo, a student at the JCC

"The class was very fun, open, and happy" (Introduction to your Digital Camera with Sherry Cherwin)

Pat, a student at the JCC

"The general spirit of the class was very motivating, with a committed instructor. Her enthusiasm is contagious! She even came early to class to show us special information off the main subject." (Beginning Adobe Photoshop with Caryl Englander)

Carol, a student at the JCC

"The best digital class I've ever taken. The feeling of the class was friendly, warm, and patient." (90 Minute Digital Workshop with Caryl Englander)

Rebecca, a student at the JCC

the JCC in Manhattan